Setting up for an Awesome 2022 – Bring Your Questions in December

You will see the bookings form if you scroll down – places are limited to keep this interactive, so please book ASAP. Sessions will be on Zoom. Sessions can also be given as a gift, using a beautiful gift card sent direct to your recipient.

General SDE/NL/Unschooling Questions

Any questions you have around Self-Directed Education/Natural Learning/Unschooling – this is the event for you!

Sun 5th Dec 6pm SAST


SDE for PDA Support

Self-Directed Education with Pathological Demand Avoidance requires very specific support so that young people and those who support them can not only survive but thrive. You can take a look at the PDA page on this site to check if you want to be at this one, because if you do want to be at this one, then you REALLY want to be at this one!

Sat 11th Dec 6pm SAST


Horizontal Communication

Multipartiality and the transformation of relationships – parenting, partnering, facilitation – you’ve already done the basics on Udemy or one of Je’anna’s live courses, now let’s trouble-shoot. ( If you are new to HC you can get an overview here https://horizontalcommunication.org/ and if you want to prepare or refresh before attending, you can do that HERE )

Sun 19th Dec 6pm SAST.


Image thanks to https://unsplash.com/@markuswinklerQ&A Session attendance is booked by Donation, please click on the image to write in $60 per session or your own affordable USDollar amount. Space is limited and bookings will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

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Je’anna will likely be unable to respond until around Sunday 30 Jan due to a medical emergency in the family. Thank you for your understanding.




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