Book 1 HTBH – How SDE Works and Why has been translated into French, and will be available in the not-too-far-distant future, watch this space.
What if School Creates DYSlexia? Is now available in print! In Europe you can order from fhreebooks@gmail.com and also buy in South Africa direct from Our ShYft Community, also on Loot and Takealot, and internationally on Amazon here

The French translation from Alli-ASBL  L’├ęcole serait-elle responsable de la DYSlexie? is now available through French publishing house Le Hetre Myriadis 

The books in the Helping The Butterfly Hatch series are being translated as well as prepared for print versions in English.

In the meantime you can buy advance e-book versions of  all of these, as well as the e-book of What if School Creates DYSlexia? and Je’anna’s first e-book, Help! My Kid Hates School!

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Scroll down for a message about these books from Sidney Morris (he of the Wanderbus)!




Sidney Morris (SidMo) shares what these books mean to him:

“My own kids being grown up, (if such a phase change actually ever happens!) and my days of founding learning institutions a ways behind me, I recently began a series of adventures for self-directed kids to get their way.

We meet in libraries, share our notions of where we want to go, reach consensus, and go. I call it the Wanderbus. It’s the best way I could think of to set the stage for instant self-directed learning that is unencumbered by the regimes, protocols, and assumptions of other contexts.

We had been through a couple of seasons of wandering when I randomly discovered Je’anna Clements. I was clearly some kind of moth drawn to a light. Maybe the prospect of ‘helping a butterfly hatch’ appealed to my sense that I could become a better version of myself.

Anyway, it wasn’t long after joining Je’anna’s online course for facilitators of Self-Directed Education that I found out she was sculpting the course contents into a book, or maybe several. 

The material in the course, including Decolonization, Horizontal Communication, the notion of Consent, and much more, had split my self-concept wide open.

My seventy years of learning, teaching, self-directing, reading about and exploring SDE notwithstanding, I had reached a mostly unconscious perspective of “this is how I am with kids because that’s what they crave and deserve.”

Like if you shoot enough hoops or hit enough tennis balls, the process molds your behavior into something that works pretty well. You don’t really think about there being specific approaches that yield superior results. Until you take a lesson, that is. Then you realize why some things you do worked well and other things never quite improved beyond a certain point.

So when Je’anna provoked similar revelations about supporting self-directed kids, I was dismayed, then thrilled, then adamant that the book(s) get published ASAP.

I’m so glad they’re here!

SidMo passed away in July of 2024, I will be forever grateful to have been lucky enough to make his acquaintance