Feb12/13 Je’anna will be doing two sessions at AEROx this year – one keynote and one workshop.

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If you’re lucky with your time zones or you’re brave about it you can attend both! (AEROx is running for 30hours around the clock this time!)

Fri 12th/Sat 13th Feb

Learning Structures in Education – Keynote – this is a presentation of Je’anna’s own original work in the field of Philosophy of Education, looking at how we learn in Self-Directed Education compared to the ways we learn in other forms of education.  

Sat 13th 5.15am SAST/ 7.15pm Fri 12th PT/ 10.15pm Fri 12th EST/ 2.15pm ACT/ Sat 13th 11.15am HKT / Sat 13th 8.45am IST/ Sat 13th 3.15am UTC (in other words, this one is ideal for the USA, Asia and Australia, hope to see you there.)

Sat 13th Feb

DYSlexiaWorkshop – Some dyslexics never develop a reading problem, while others will struggle all their lives. What if School is what makes all the difference – but not in the way people think?

10.30am SAST/ 3.30am EST/ 7.30pm ACT/ 4.30pm HKT / 2pm IST/ 8.30am UTC (in other words, this one is ideal for Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, hope to see you there!)




“Children and Play During the Lockdown” Panel – ACTPSA, South Africa (online), June 2020

“Motivation in Education” Seminar – Alternative Education Resource Organisation (AERO) Motivation in Education, USA (online), June 2020

“Motivation In Education” – Sri Aria Minicon. Malaysia (online) July 2020

“Democratic and Self-Directed Education” – Libertarian Spring Seminars, South Africa (online) Oct 2020

“Motivation in Education” Master Class – Future School Leaders, India (online), Nov 2020

“Dyslexia” Seminar – International Democratic Education Conference (Web-IDEC) Nepal (online) Oct/Nov 2020